About Us
I am not a “professional” breeder.  I breed for myself and thus do not have litters at all times.  I am VERY passionate about the breed and have dedicated my life to the Min Pin.
My family started showing Great Danes in the 1960’s. I was attempting to show them as a child, but it was tough…especially since they outweighed me. I was given my 1st Min Pin to show since the breed was smaller than the Danes, yet had a big dog personality. Bogart finished in a flash and I was hooked! Ch. Delwoods Bogart of Barnett was my foundation male who was from Bergerons Kennels out of Ch. Blyhthwood’s I’m A Ladies Man.
I started under the kennel name of Delwoods in 1980, which was my mothers kennel name.  I changed to Sidels which is a blend of her name & mine in honor of her.
 My passion for dogs stemmed from my mother who not only showed dogs but founded Great Dane Rescue Inc. back in the 70’s when rescue was unheard of.  There was such a need for it, and sadly its more in need today! It is this reason that I am so passionate and active in rescue.
I left the show ring for about 15 years due to family medical issues, but the passion never left me.  I am back showing on a regular  basis, in fact in 2008 I had all my dogs on the road with me and we were only home for 130 days.  They loved it! They got to travel and meet new people.
I am home more often with the exception of weekends….thats dog show time…LOL.
All of my dogs are raised and live in my home as my companions.  When I do have a litter, they are whelped with me right there and I start the socialization process immediately.
I am a firm believer of educating people about this breed as well as others and I will gab your ear off when it comes to dog talk–any breed!  So please ask me anything…if I cant answer it correctly; I will get you the answer……..