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  1. Beautiful dogs. I love the black/rust coats. They are visually stunning.

  2. Visited today to check out min pins. Looking for black and rust male unneutered min pin pup that has a certain look to it. I.E.: does not contain any chihuahua breed percentage (ie. when fully grown: no bug eyes, min pin must have long snout, ears curved and pointed, small to medium size, and stealth muscular frame). Judging from the pictures from your site, the dogs are pretty close to what I am looking for but not sure of snout and their average height. I am looking for large size when pup is fully grown of at least 17-20″ from foot to top of head.

  3. I love your dogs! I lost my pin…it will be 5 years on May 1st. He was my soul mate. I have been searching for another one for 5 years now and it is impossible to find one that was like Bailey. I am looking for a male, runt of the litter, black/tan and hopefully, whelped in the beginning of April. I know this maybe silly but that’s what I am looking for. I am in Canada and it is impossible to find this breed here. If you ever have a litter please do not hesitate to contact me. I can assure you your puppy will be well loved.

  4. Thank you for appreciating my dogs. I am sorry for your loss, but unfortunately we can never truly replace our beloved best friends. WE can open our hearts to new ones and start new chapters of our lives with them. Please feel free to keep checking back.

  5. None of my dogs have any Chihuahua percentage, as I strictly adhere to the AKC and Miniature Pinscher Club of America, standard of Pure Bred Dogs, therefore my dogs are 100% purebred Miniature Pinschers.
    Good luck and I do hope you find the dog that you are looking for.

  6. Hello Jacqueline, I just had to look at your beautiful min pins. I reallly like your min pins, your breedings and your ethics/dedication to always improve the health, genetics and over quality of min pins so they will always continue on in this world. Beautiful, Beautiful.

  7. If you have questions or dont fully understand anything, please feel free to email me. I am happy to answer any questions.

  8. I just keep finding myself back here on your page to admire your stunning min pins. My friend, who shows her frenchies, showed me your page as I’m looking to bring another little min pin into my life in the near future and I am just in awe of their elegance. Your dedication to the breed is amazing!

  9. Hi there! Looking for a Min Pin as a family pet.
    I’ve owned 2 Min Pins and my last one, Snickers, passed in Dec 2019 after watching and loving him for 13 years and I miss him every day.
    I’m not in a hurry, as we are having a new home built in the Tehachapi community and it won’t be finished until late summer 2021.
    I really miss having a dog in the house-I think every home should have a dog❣️
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.
    I would be for ever grateful if you could keep me in mind when your next litter comes about.

  10. Thank you for contacting me . Please fill out my questionnaire for information on availability.

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